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This is a complete list of links to my slash fanfiction, and updates on WIPs.  Check individual fics for pairings. 

Thanks for reading!


Potter Potions 31,558 words.  Threesome.   Eight chapters.  Complete. Harry/Snape/Draco.
Staggered 24,000 words.  Humour, flangst. Threesome.  Four chapters.  Complete.  Harry/Snape/Draco
A Lesson in Love 5,500 words. Adultery, angst. Harry/Snape.
Master Green Eyes 33,000 words. Mpreg, angst, romance. Harry/Snape.
Fire Call Series Humour, romance, first time. Harry/Snape.
The Perfect Companions 11,000 words.  Humour, romance, first time.  Six chapters. Harry/Snape
A Fitting Punishment 3,143 words.  Detentions, desks, skirts and blindfolds. PWP.  One shot.  Harry/Snape
Supplementary Chastisement  2,240 words. Sequel to A Fitting Punishemnt. PWP. Wall!sex. Harry/Snape
Of Walls and Jealous Malfoys 2,212 words. Flangst, PWP.  One shot.  Harry/Snape
Birthday Blues 1,459 words.  Humour, PWP. One shot. Harry/Snape
A Night To Remember 2,130 words. Humour, PWP. One shot. Harry/Snape
Absence (Makes the Heart Grow Fonder) 3,177 words. Angst. Harry/Snape
Dark Desires 6,000 words. Noncon/rape, darkfic, angst, hopeful ending. Harry/Snape

I Give To You 3,674 words.  Creature fic.  One shot. Harry/Snape.
After The Summer Of Youth 3,542 words. Angst/Fluff. One shot. Harry/Snape
Between the Lines 3,969 words.  Angst. Infidelity. 1st person POV Ginny.  Harry/Ginny, Harry/Snape
Foolishness, Frozen and Thawed 1,048 words. Harry/Snape
The Producers 83,513 words. Humour, angst, first time. Sixteen chapters. Complete. Harry/Snape
Don't Close Your Eyes 720 words.  Angst, romance. One shot. Harry/Snape.
Forgiveness 100 word drabble. Harry/Snape.
OOC 603 words. Crack!fic.  Severe fluff. Harry/Snape.
Never Trick a Trickster 400 words. Halloween Humour.  Harry/Snape
Backlash 865 words.  Whipping.  One shot.  Harry/Draco
A Good Bet 10,800 Humour, romance Harry/Draco
What Once Was Mine 4,250 words.  One shot.  Draco/Tom Riddle.
The Only Gay in Hogsmead 749 words.  Crack!fic. Draco.
Uncompromising Corsetry 1,446 words.  Corsetplay One shot. Snape/Al.
So Generous 545 words.  PWP.  Bondage. One shot. Snape/Al. 
Drowning In Dirty 2,600 words. Lolita!Al, PWP. Snape/Al
Don't Get Caught 7370 words. Flangst. One shot. Harry/Scorpius
Beautiful 2,872 words.  PWP. Chan.  One shot.  Lolita!Scorpius.  Harry/Scorpius
Any Dream Will Do 2,740 words.  PWP.  One shot.  Gimp!Harry.  Harry/Scorpius
Closer to Free  WIP, 3/10 chapters complete.  Harry/Scorpius
A Knight To Remember 2,014 words. PWP Harry/Scorpius
Past Imperfection 2,100 words. Desk!sex, rough sex, love/hate. Harry/Scorpius
Eyes Wide Open 900 words. Wall!sex, teacher student. Harry/Scorpius
Where Loyalties Lie 517 words Harry/Scorpius
Helping Hand 400 words Harry/Scorpius
Buns, Bums and Bruises 1,597 words. Harry/Scorpius
Rub a Dub Dub 2,000 words. Harry/Scorpius
Read All About It 1,700 words. PG. Harry/Scorpius
Scorpi-Puss in Boots 350 words PWP. Harry/Scorpius
Raison D'etre 124 words. Dark!fic. Harry/Scorpius
One Kiss 224 words. Harry/Scorpius
Two's Company 1,000 words. PWP. Harry/Scorpius/Teddy/Charlie
Skin Deep 1,013 words. Threesome. PWP. Mild incest. One Shot.  Harry/Scorpius/Draco
The (Un)fortunate Episode of Year Six and the Cupio Potion. 3,648 words. One shot. Harry/Snape/Scorpius
Never Be Mine 3,342 words.  One shot. Angst. Scorpius/Al
Brotherly Love 3,940 words. Non-con, incest, angst. Albus/James II
More Than a Feeling 2,568 words. PWP, wallsex. Draco/Al
Distraction Interaction 284 words. Draco/Al
Almost Lover 2,200 words. Adultery, m/m sex, angst.  Draco/James II
When Darkness Closes In 5,120 words.  Dark themes, violence, h/c.  Snape/Regulus
The Wrong End of the Stick 124 words. Crack fic. Snape/Black
Sins of the Father 950 words. Noncon, chan, darkfic. Snape/Lucius
The Silence of the Peacocks 3,795 words. Chan. Incest. Angst. Draco/Scorpius
Round One  Going to Hell Series 1,734 words. PWP.  Sixsome.  HP/SS/DM/LM/ASP/SM
Round Three Going to Hell Series 2,319 words.  PWP.  Sixsome.  HP/SS/DM/LM/ASP/SM
Round Five Going to Hell Series 2,841 words.  PWP. Sixsome. HP/SS/DM/LM/ASP/SM

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Date: 2009-05-28 03:34 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] maymak
Hello Mrs.Rennick :) Do you know the links in the list still point to LJ posts? You might want to update them if you aren't going to keep you L-journal alive.

And would you please be so kind as to add me to your circle here? :)

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Date: 2010-06-21 07:38 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] soberloki
Came by from LJ - still over 30!


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