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So I'd been totally freaking out about the wedding, because as you know we are on a terribly limited budget, and so I'd decided to do the buffet myself with the help of my mother. Except I knew it would take up most of the wedding morning, and then having to get it to the recetpion venue, as well as decorate that and well.. yeah,.. my head was fairly exploding with how many more hours I'd need in that day to get it all done.

ANYWAY.. a friend of mine said that her housekeeper/au pair lady did catering as a side line, and that she was really reasonable. Turns out I'd been chatting to this woman at the school before, and that she knew me. She's offered to do the buffet, set it all up AND set up the hall on the day, all for the same money that I had planned to spend out on the food itself. I know we'll lose a few of the 'posher' food items, like the salmon and the fiddly little filo pastry things, but she's given me pretty much everything else I'd wanted and so now I no longer have to panic about cooking on my wedding day!! She's even offered to inclue a cake in that price, which I'm sorely tempted to take her up on, as after Paddy's sister threw her hissy fit, I'd only come up with an idea of having a 7 tiered cake stand and decorating it with cake boxes. My mum had made these iced chirstmas cakes to be cut up and put into the boxes, and then the whole thing would be decorated with flowers and stuff. I went with that because I didn't have any option, but i did really want a traditonal cake. I'm a bit iffy about approaching my mum though and saying 'er, thanks for spending all that time cooking those cakes, but now we don't need them...' so i might not bother, but still, I HAZ OPTIONS!!!

I can't tell you what a relief it is to not have to worry about setting up the venue or doing the food.  Soooooo happy!!

PS. More Green Eyes coming right up *g*


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