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First off, the gorgeous[info]calanthe_fics is co-ordinating another fandom recipe book effort. The last one was extrodinary, and had recipes, drinks, as well as ficlets, from people all over fandom. Well, she's doing Vol 2, and if you're interested, you should go to this post here and join in the fun. Fandom Recipe Book Vol 2.

Secondly, I find very little time to read fic whilst sat at the computer. Usually it gets downloaded to my ipod, where I read, <strike>wank</strike> enjoy, and do my best to remember to leave comments. But I grabbed me a piece of[info]softly_sweetly today, who blew me away in 270 words with some bloody fantastic cross gen, involving Scorpius, Harry and Snape. Guh. Still wiping computer chair dry. Do yourself a favour and take 3 minutes to read Anticipation 

 Found out today that Paddy gets his four year army bonus next month. Which means our financial woes will be considerably lightened. I can't tell you how much of a relief that is. I was all ready to pack in the baby-making and get a job instead. A proper one, not this part time photography lark.

Paddy's mum's coming to stay with us for the weekend. She's nice enough but God, does she talk. Like, non stop. And always about 'old times' which makes it really fucking difficult to join in the conversation when you WERENT THERE. I sort of suggested he take her and the kids out for the day on Saturday and he had his hurt, puppy dog face on. Like I should WANT to spend the day with them all, lmfao. At least his sister isn't coming. In fact we 've not heard from her since the wedding. Perhaps something to do with the fact that we thanked my mother profusely for making our wedding cake?!! Luckily there's no room for her and all those kids to stay here anyway. I seriously couldn't hack her coming to stay for more than a few hours. Ick.

Umm, I still haven't got around to doing the postcards, mainly because there's nowhere in fricking Blandford that sells them. So when we go to the beach this weekend, I'll get some then. I promise!!! Oooh, and a huge thank you to[info]enchanted_jae who send me an awesome postcard!!! Rennick Road! lmfao.. thanks darling.. swear you'll get on in return v v soon!! *Hugs*



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