Mar. 27th, 2009 04:47 pm
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The lovely[info]bethbethbeth has informed me that the username 'the_flic' is available!! It's totally me, and you all know me as Flic anyway, right? Plus I'd happily pay the $15 to just change the name and not have to get a new journal, so that's what I'm going to do.

My doctor says I have cystitis. Round of applause to all who got it right from the bit of info I gave you! I'm currently in bed because it hurts less lying down. He says with antibiotics it'll clear up in a week, which is good because my hen night is next friday and I REALLY want to be able to get drunk lol. Won't be drinking on the fandom night out tomorrow in London, though *sad face* but I WILL be there, even if I have to get a crotch sling to stop the feeling that I'm losing my insides. TMI? Yes, I thought so *g* By the way,[info]anthimaeria, I'm still not certain your diagnosis wasn't correct and the tests he ran today will confirm that next week. It feels a bit too brutal to be an infection but we'll see.

Lastly, the easter hat parade was a bloody nightmare. ONE child out of 30 decided that she was too good to be singing/dancing/showing off her hat and sulked the entire time and refused to wear it. Of course, that child would have to be mine. I've told her I'm not going to any more school productions if she doesn't buck up, it's a waste of bloody time to go and watch her stare at the wall and have her back to us all. NOT happy that I spent 6 hours making a hat that she wouldn't wear.

Going back to bed. Paddy is being very lovely and taking care of the kids so I can rest. He really is a wonderful man and just reaffirms the reasons I'm marrying him (in two weeks and six days' time... *g*.. is this getting old yet?)



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