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Silly Snarry cross-dressing :D

"I am deadly serious, Potter. Hand over that lipstick or I shall be forced to take drastic action."

Potter scowled. "I told you, it's not yours! This is my 'Viva Glam', not your 'House Wine'!"

"I believe you mean Viva Tramp, and that, boy, is not it. I am fully aware that your paltry wage does not stretch to expensive products, unlike myself who is bombarded on a daily basis with free cosmetics from high-end companies desperate for 'Severus Spears' endorsement."

"Oh please!" Potter scoffed, running his hands over the little black dress he was wearing. "The only freebie you've ever received was an industrial sized tub of wrinkle cream!"

"I am warning you, Potter..."

"Fine! Keep the stupid lipstick. Just so long as you know that using it with pale skin and black hair makes you look like a gender-bending Geisha!"

"Better that than an optically-challenged transgendered house-elf wearing a bin bag."

"You bastard!"

Severus plucked the lipstick from Potter's fingers and sat down in front of the mirror, carefully applying the bright red tint in a smooth, continuous line.

Muttering as he stalked past, Potter jogged Severus' elbow, making the lipstick shoot up over his lip and across his cheek. "Oh, sorry," Potter crooned insincerely.

"I am due on stage in less than five minutes," Severus hissed angrily. "If you persist in this deliberate sabotage, you will leave me no choice but to speak with the management and have you and your tired old act permanently struck from the bill."

"You think my act is old and tired! Haven't you noticed how the audience all go for a piss when you're on stage?"

"I think you'll find they visit the lavatory to do something far more pleasurable than urinating. Now kindly remove yourself from my dressing room."

"I will, just as soon as you give me my lipstick back!"

Severus sprang to his feet, the chair squealing in protest as he grabbed Potter by the ruffled collar of his dress and crushed Potter's mouth beneath his. A surprised squeak was all the resistance Potter offered, before parting his lips and inviting Severus' tongue inside. Anger doused, Severus wrapped his arms around the frocked boy and kissed him harder.

Eventually Potter broke away gasping. "What...what was that?"

Severus smirked. "You demanded I return your lipstick. I did so. Now get out and only return when you are mature enough to ask outright for what you desire, instead of concealing your true intentions behind a smokescreen."

Severus fixed the smears of lippy with a spit-damp tissue and slipped on a high-heeled pair of Louboutins. Potter was still staring, awe-struck, as Severus sashayed out the door. As the audience began to wolf-whistle his imminent arrival on stage, Severus allowed himself a smirk. Hopefully, he and the newest recruit to the show would soon be sharing more than lipstick.

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