Apr. 15th, 2009

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Just finished cutting up the cake. Admittedly this did not take me since I posted yesterday to do. I couldn't be arsed yesterday.
I am sitting here with a gum shield in, in a vain attempt to whiten my teeth before tomorrow. the children are very curious and keep asking what I'm doing. It's not very easy to explain when you're dribbling and have 2 plastic moulds shoved in your cakehole.
Did not sleep very well again last night. Feeling alternively sick and depressed in equal measures. so convinced something's going to go wrong. Don't like being centre of attention very much either (yes,[info]sassy_cissa and [info]alisanne I'm sure you find that hard to believe!!) but I really don't, so I'm not looking forward to all eyes being on me. Especially as my skin has broken out since yesterday and the foundation I brought now seems not to match my skin colour.

Please don't feel the need to respond to my whinging and moaning! Just feeling very very nervous now! 26 hours til the ceremony....

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Please stop calling me with questions like: when will your father eat lunch tomorrow and where will we store the turkey? I DON'T CARE. Father can sort his own faffing lunch out while I'm at the haidressers and the turkey can wring its own neck for all I care.

Dear RL friends: Please  stop calling me and asking if I'm nervous. Your phonecalls are not helping to stop making me nervous. If you must call at all today, call about something non wedding related. Preferably an amusing story about someone who fell over. That's always good for a chuckle.

Dear Children: Please stop acting like brats today. It may be I'm stressed out and your behavious is no worse than usual. But it FEELS worse. So pack it in before I lose my last remaining shred of temper.

*breathes deeply*

*goes back to obsessing over height of hair quiff*


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