Feb. 19th, 2009

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So in the absence of me writing any Harry/Scorpius this week (because, yanno, I'm still working on that 30k Snarry *g*) I bring you recs from other authors.

[info]marguerite_26 has written Unexpected. Summary: One of Scorpius's many fantasies about Harry Potter comes to be, but it doesn't go as expected. Just, I can't even tell you, go read it, now!!

Then, go and read[info]softly_sweetly's Dedication. Summary - Scorpius has wanted to be an Auror since before he could walk. After his third rejection, he takes matters into his own hands and seeks out the greatest living Auror to tutor him. But Harry Potter has been living as a recluse for years now, and getting him to agree to teach is only a small part of the battle that Scorpius has landed himself in.

And THEN, when you're panting on the floor with a hand in your knickers, finish yourself off with[info]the_con_cept's Sticking With It Summary - Scorpius has a small adventure with Sellotape.

All three are fantastically divine, and fantastically different.




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So give me 5 prompts and pairings (you know what I will and won't do, lol - het is not an option..) and I'll write you a drabble. Which might turn into a proper fic, given that it's me.

Tomorrow I'm off to Dorset for the weekend.  I'm meeting up with Paddy and then going for dinner with this awesomely cool girl of another soldier I met last time I was down there. Then we're all going clubbing :DD It's been months since I had a good night out and I can't wait. I wish I had more clothing choices, but I couldn't afford a new dress as well as what it's going to cost me this weekend, so it's either my LBD or a turquose tartan strappless dress that I still love. I'll be wearing my fuck me boots, too *grins*

I'll be back Sunday, so you all be good while I'm gone. *nods firmly*

Soooo, prompts? xxx


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