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Surprised, but thrilled by a recent spate of new friendings to my journal! Welcome, new friends, put your feet up, relax, and make yourselves at home! Oh and enjoy the porn fic whilst you're here!!

A huge thankyou to the fabulous [ profile] anthimaeria who send me the best wedding present ever: 2 huge tubs of Almond Roca (the best sweets in the WORLD) and ovulation tests!!! lmfao - my darling, you have no idea how brilliant it was to get those. I am a confirmed POAS addict (pissing on a stick) so I've thoroughly enjoyed those as much as the almond roca. Not at the same time, obviously...that wouldn't be sanitary now would it..

Bolstering my good mood even more is looking forward to [personal profile] softly_sweetly coming to visit me in June!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to spend time with her, chilling out and talking all things HP and fandom, as well as hopefully getting to the beach for at least a day of her visit! *squees*

More squeeing. Had the most wonderful day yesterday. Paddy's mum was here and she took us to Longleat (a wildlife safari park). It was a gorgeous sunny day, the kids behaved themselves and I did not have to make good on my threat of throwing flora out into the lion enclosure. I think the lions were rather sad they didn't get their Flora sausage roll but hey, can't win em all can you? She also treated us to dinner and it's amazing when you've not been anywhere fun for months how much you appreciate a good day out like that. Even better is that Sarah is coming down to visit today, and I know we're going to have another brilliant day.

Hope you're all having a great weekend too, lovely flist. *runs off to nom more almond roca*

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