Feb. 16th, 2009


Feb. 16th, 2009 02:38 am
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Being the lovely, lovely girl that I am, I offered to give stupid fiance a lift back to Dorset instead of making him take the train, because the train on sundays are horribly delayed by works, and he had about 6 changes.  Anyhoo, we left at 7.45pm, got there at 10. I spent half an hour in his room *muahaha* and left at 10.30.  What time did I get home? Just now! Yes, 3 and a half hours later!!!!! I mean seriously, no one expects the UK's most prolific motorway (prolific, flic? seriously?? Hey, i'm tired..) to completely close between three junctions. And no one expects every one and their dog to be ON that motorway at 12.30 at night. On a SUNDAY.

Oh but they were, and it did. I sat in a queue to get off of it and find an alternative route for 2 hours. 2 HOURS. In one place. The only fun bit was winding down my window, cranking up the stereo and winking at the accident investigators.  It must have been one hell of an accident for them to close the entire thing for 4 hours. 

Please, Merlin, let the children be graceful to mummy tomorrow. End prayer. *crawls off to bed*
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Not a story about us together, unfortunately, just a post about us in seperate things. You may be thinking, 'wow, Flic's been prolific posting lately' and you'd be correct. I have finally dragged myself out from the misery of winter and am feeling the joys spring, which makes me feel happy and alive again, so expect me to be back in full, spammy mode now :)

The Dan Rad part of the post is this picture:

It got rather mixed reviews when they posted it over at the Leaky, and I can see why. From a photographer's perspective, it's strange. I've never gone in for cutting people's bodies down the middle like that. Sure, cut the top of their hair off a bit, that's cool. But the activity of the glass-passing rather draws away from the rest of the scene because it's closer to camera and because it's, well, only half formed. As for Dan himself, he looks like he just wandered into the shot by mistake and is grinning because the woman or maybe the man is someone he's crushed on for ages. He actually looks photoshopped into this. He's looking at the camera, when the rest of the scene is looking elsewhere. I rather like the blue tinting. Highly unlikely that it was done the traditional method but still, it's pretty. It's a shame the model is acomplete stick insect and looks rather vague, but meh, that's models for you. Seeing this pic has to make me wonder if Dan's about to ditch an acting career in favour of modelling. If he is, and you're reading this Dan, please don't bother. Modelling, contrary to belief, is a supertastically hard job to do. I've seen very few models that are as natural on set and camera as the industry demands.  But to end on a positive note (cos you know, it's springtime) you still look hot as fuck.


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